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    The Earthquake That Ended the Santa Cruz Hippie Era

    Your lookahead horoscope: September Astrology is quite popular among young Americans, with more than half of year-olds believing that it is a science , according to a National Science Foundation poll conducted in But, while some scientific studies may appear to be linked to astrology — for example, a recent study showed the demonstrated effects of birth season on personality — there are no scientific studies showing that who a person is has anything to do with their natal chart. But, while many have jumped to label the astrology boom as another millennial trend , that may not actually be the case.

    While those numbers will never be known, looking at the history of popular astrology, changes in technology have a significant influence on how people engage with astrological insight. Although humans have been attempting to divine meaning from planetary movement since ancient times, sun sign astrology — the type of astrology most people in the West are familiar with today — got its start in the s. However, it was a magazine called American Astrology that published the first paragraph horoscope explicitly tying birth date to signs in the zodiac.

    Before then, almanacs were the chosen way for people to get premonitory knowledge, but not with the same degree of personalization. According to Campion, the language of identifying as a particular sign really began in the s.

    The appeal of personalized fortune-telling that was readily available to the public became a continual phenomenon throughout the rest of the century. Encouraged by their ability to drive sales, more and more publications started running horoscopes, including The Boston Globe, the Los Angeles Times and numerous tabloid publications.

    Lamont: Otis will stay in CT, UTC to hire 1,000 people at Pratt & Whitney

    The book contained long passages describing romantic compatibility, how each figure in the zodiac handles money, and how to interact with employers based on their signs. The inauspicious connotations of Mercury retrograde are actually quite old, evidenced in an ancient branch of astrology known as horary astrology. A person would pose a question, and an astrologer would determine an answer by consulting an astrological chart for the moment the question was asked.

    If Mercury were in retrograde, it would elicit a negative response. In the s, Campion noticed a trend to revive and adapt older forms of astrology, and through that, the once specific meaning of Mercury retrograde became more broad.